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Superintendent Jermane Jordan

Elder Jermane Jordan

Elder Jermane Jordan.jpeg.jpg

Gospel Lighthouse

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Elder Jordan was born to Linda Jordan and Marshall Lewis and was raised in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He is the oldest of two sisters who he helped raise after high school. He is the proud father of three boys and five girls and has two grandchildren.

Elder Jordan founded Jay’s Cleaning Service, LLC., in 2008 and in 2016 he opened a beauty salon named God’s Gifted Hands Salon.

He re-entered the ministry in 2001 under Bishop Ananis Hawkins of Unity Christian Center and in 2008 joined Praise Jesus Temple of Faith under the pastorship of District Elder Robert Finley of the P.A.W. Shortly thereafter he was appointed as a minister and served there for 10 years. He was then under Bishop Fred Bobbitt from True Love Gospel and was elevated as Elder in 2018. In 2018 Elder Jordan joined Bishop Bobbitt at Gospel Lighthouse C.H.S.C. under the leadership of Pastor Lawrence Smoots. He is now serving as the Christian Education teacher, Vice-President of the Brotherhood of Gospel Lighthouse, and President of the Men’s Ministry of C.H.S.C. and is an active preacher. This year, 2022, he has been appointed as Oklahoma Eastern District Superintendent.
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