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Pastor Joe Jefferson
March 14, 1953 - March 15, 2022
He was the Pastor of True Gospel Tabernacle Christ Holy Sanctified Church in Clinton Oklahoma. He was a board member of the Oklahoma Jurisdiction, a profound preacher, a great Pastor, father and husband. We appreciate all that he brought to us, as he was a true gift from God and we miss him greatly. He was truly our Pillar of Faith
Bishop Frederick Bobbitt
October 24, 1942 - February 16, 2022
Bishop Bobbitt was a member of Gospel Lighthouse under the pastorage of Pastor and First Lady Smoots. He was a great inspiration for us all. He was a board member of the Oklahoma Jurisdiction, a psalmist, a preacher, a teacher, a father, and a husband. He had an encouraging word of wisdom for all of us. We miss him dearly. He was truly our Pillar of Wisdom.
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Elder Eldridge Miller
Elder Miller was a member of Grace Temple Worship Center Christ Holy Sanctified Church under the pastorage of Apostle and Pastor Brown. He was the armorbearer to his pastor, a faithful member, a willing worker helping wherever there was a need, a husband, father, teacher, fisherman and cook. He was a true gift to the body of Christ and to the Oklahoma Jurisdiction. He is greatly missed.
Sister Verdell Barker
Sister Barker was born and raised in Christ Holy Sanctified Church. The daughter of Mary Ware, Sister Barker was one of the matriarchs of Christ Holy Sanctified Church and helped build the foundation of True Gospel Tabernacle. Sister Barker was known as the church mother as she loved the Lord, loved people, and desired for all to be saved. She will be forever remembered.
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